Josh, who lives in Trafford, decided he wanted to raise money for cancer research, and ended up raising £1700 by doing the Race for Life.

At the beginning of this year Josh saw something on television relating to Breast Cancer and the importance of fund raising for research.  It made him very emotional and he suddenly announced that he would like to raise some funds himself for this important cause so we set about looking online for something he could take part in that was local to him.

We came up with the Race for Life at Tatton Park in Knutsford and particularly that they were holding a new 3K event that could be walked and done by any level of ability.  This suited Josh perfectly.

Josh asked his Mum to sign him up and as part of the registration process he had to pledge to raise at least £50.  We had a new member of IAS staff that had just joined Josh’s care team called Ian and as soon as Josh confirmed he would like to take part, Ian volunteered to do the walk with him.

Josh began to tell everyone around him that he was going to take part in the 3K and the first person he received sponsorship from was the family GP whose wife had actually had breast cancer four years ago.  Josh also knew a family neighbour who had breast cancer and she was receiving chemotherapy treatment so Josh did the race with both ladies’ names on the back of his t-shirt as a tribute to them both.

The 3k event was due to take place in June so Josh and Ian began to do regular walks along the canal in Sale near to Josh’s home in order to be prepared for the Walk!!

Family  and friends started to ask around for sponsorship money and gradually the amount pledged began to rise. The Race for Life event took place on Sunday 26th June.  Josh and Ian proudly wore their Cancer Research Race for Life t-shirts and completed the 3k Walk together coming over the finish line to cheers and clapping from parents and IAS staff.   As it stands at the moment the total raised (including gift aid) is around £1,700 and Josh is really proud of this sum.
Josh's Parents and IAS are really proud of him too!!