Stepping out is a service designed to connect people in the community with shared interests.

Stepping Out will offer sessions over 7 days a week, mornings, afternoons and evenings offering a huge variety of experiences in a group setting that cover leisure, pleasure, learning, contributing, health, fitness, work, self-advocacy and membership. Some of the sessions are building based and some will be out and about in the community either joining as existing group, club etc or getting up to things such as visiting museums, cinemas and other places of interest. We offer high quality person centred support in a group setting for people looking for a modern alternative to traditional formal Day Services. We are hoping to achieve specific outcomes for people whilst they are at Stepping out and promote new friendships that will continue outside of the service. .

We have a team of trained and experienced staff who work with each person, so they develop the relationship and knowledge to best work alongside them.

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