Imagine Act and Succeed are committed to transforming extra care provision, with a focus on better outcomes for people we support in their own homes.

We are co-designing a new model of extra care with local councils, people living in extra care provision, landlords and local communities. We are working in the context of the Care Act which introduces the wellbeing principle and requires that we focus on aspirations and outcomes, and part of the way we can enable people to have greater choice and control

This wellbeing model will build on the assets of people resident in extra care and people in the local community to create a home for life, providing care and support in line with the principles of "just enough support" to enable them to live the best lives they can, deferring or avoiding the need for hospital admissions or a move to a traditional residential care settings. 

As part of the customer journey we have developed, with and for people we support at home, we always use asset based conversations and the principles of just enough support, which in our experience are critical in reducing dependency and maximising assets.

Key to successful engagement is good conversation and clear communication – we seek to proactively work with families too and recgonise the rich contribution they have to make, and from the conversations we have there is generally enough information to learn some of the key things that really matter to people and how best to support them from their perspective ....asking different questions leads to  different conversations that leads to a much more thorough understanding about what matters to someone, the outcomes they want to achieve and how they want to be supported. This is the information we need to ensue a persons support is tailored to their needs and aspirations and that is the very bedrock of personalised support and our approach.